While eating a delicious meal, talk about other appetizing meals you ate, could eat, will eat, should eat, want to eat, definitely have to eat.


Make sure your sense of humor is strong and resilient. The French live for irony and tend to tease everyone. Don’t mistake a harmless joke for rudeness.


Be ready to debate any point, even if you have no reason to. The sentence, “I have to disagree in some way” can pop into conversation at any time.


Learn to find the negative side of any good situation, because there is always a “but”.


Dress mostly in blue, grey, black or white: this limits the chance for embarrassing fashion faux pas. Fashion faux pas are not acceptable!


Food takes precedence over EVERYTHING, and good food should always be enjoyed with good wine.


Get over your romantic misconceptions of “the City of Lights”. Yes, Paris is for lovers – if you’re a tourist!


Feel free to complain openly. It’s an acceptable form of self-expression.


Spend several hours sitting around a table with friends and family, and stay as long as food keeps coming.


Don’t worry: you aren’t the only one making spelling mistakes! Even the French struggle with writing their own language. How many n’s or m’s in that word again? What’s the silly grammar rule I should use for this particular sentence?


Have something to say? Take to the streets!


*Text source; Babbel.



Valkoiset housut ovat taas tähän aikaan vuodesta ajankohtaiset. Löysin nämä boyfriend-malliset farkut aikoinaan Zarasta ja tykkään tästä rennommasta mallista kovasti. Myös housujen viimeistelemättömät lahkeet ovat mieleeni. Valkoinen on herkkä väri, mutta niin raikas! Onneksi täksi viikoksi on luvattu lämmintä ilmaa, joten nyt voi vihdoin alkaa pukeutua hieman kesäisemmin.

Tämä harmaa merinovillainen neule on muuten poikaystäväni kaapista ja suosittelen teitä kaikkia kurkkaamaan sinne miehenne kaappiin jos sieltä löytyisi teillekin jotain. Etenkin neuleet näyttävät usein hyviltä myös hieman ylisuurina, joten niitä kannattaa ainakin kokeilla!

Hyvää alkanutta viikkoa kaikille!


White trousers are a great choice for this season. I found these boyfriend jeans from Zara last year and I love the looser fit. I’m also a big fan of unfinished hems. White is definitely a sensitive color, but so fresh! This week the temperatures should approach closer to +20 degrees here in Helsinki, which means that we can finally dress in lighter layers.

This grey wool knit is from my boyfriends closet. I recommend you all to take a look into your husbands or boyfriends closets, because you never know what treasures you might find. Knits are great, because they usually look good even if they cut is over-sized.

Have a great Monday everyone!





Jeans / Zara (similar here*)

Knit / Uniqlo (similar here*)

Heels / Zara (similar here*)

Bag / Céline

Sunnies / Ray Ban