Hyvää pääsiäistä kaikille! Toivottavasti teillä on ollut ihana pitkä viikonloppu? Itselläni oli suunnitelmissa saada muutama postaus ulos, mutta kone pysyi visusti kiinni. Ihan hyvä niin, sillä tämä pitkä viikonloppu tuli kyllä tarpeeseen, vaikka vastahan sitä tuli lomailtua. Olen ollut todella väsynyt koko viikonlopun ja olemme nukahtaneet jo ennen yhtätoista joka ilta. Se on aika erikoista, sillä normaalisti illat viikonloppuisin venyvät pitkälle yli puolenyön. Nyt on siis saanut ainakin nukuttua, mikä tuli selvästi tarpeeseen. Tänään sitten herättiin siihen, että lumi oli peittänyt kattoikkunan kokonaan ja taivaan täydeltä sitä lunta taitaakin tulla iltaan asti. Ehkä sitten tämän jälkeen alkaa se kunnon kevät?

Rentouttavaa maanantaita kaikille!


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’ve had a great long weekend so far? I was supposed to get some posts done, but I didn’t even open my computer, so it’s been a super chill weekend at my parents place. Even if we just got back from vacation, I’ve been quite tired, so Easter came at a perfect moment. Sleeping and eating has been the theme!  Today we woke up to heavy snow fall and it’s supposed to continue until the evening. So much for spring, heh!

Have a great Monday!


Photos/Thomas D.

Silk blouse / H&M

Trousers / H&M

Shoes / Flattered

Bag / Chloé

Sunnies / Le Specs (Sofinah)

Earrings / Chanel

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Minimalistic and masculine, simple perfect look! 🙂



Thank you dear! 🙂


How can you make H&M dressing like Chanel?! Really admiring your dress style:)


Thank you Lea – such a nice complement! 🙂

Enjoy your day!


Are these pants from the H&M premium line? From this season? I must have missed them! Look gorgeous together with the blouse (which I have as well hehe 😉 )


These trousers are from the “regular” line, but I just saw a pair of silk trousers in the PQ line, which look pretty amazing. If I was living in a country where it was warm all the time, I would definitely get them 🙂 Heh, this silk shirt is amazing!


I think I know what silk pants you’re talking about. They sure are gorgeous! 🙂
Are these pants you’re wearing from this season? They look amazing together with the blouse! I would never have guessed they were “regular” H&M pants. This proves it really is all about mixing it up with good quality items (such as the leather bag and silk blouse in the picture). Love your style! Such effortless elegance!


The pants I’m wearing are these ones (http://www2.hm.com/fi_fi/productpage.0588672001.html) and they are from the current season 🙂 I’m not a fan of polyester, but in these trousers it works, as they don’t get wrinkled, which is great especially when traveling.

And thank you Tess for your kind words!


Thank you so much! I will check them out. Despite the polyester, they look so classic, I might make an exception 😉


No worries – glad to help! 🙂 Have a great week!

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