Terveisiä täältä Pariisista! Tulin Norwegianin aamulennolla, joten olin kotona jo aamupäivästä. Mun piti tänään kävellä YSL:n liikkeeseen vaihtamaan joululahjaksi saatu Arty-sormus siniseen väriin, mutta pyykkivuori ja matkalaukkujen purkaus sai mut jämähtämään kotiin.  Nyt on lakanat vaihdettu ja siivottu, niin tuntuu taas kotoisalta 🙂  Ja muhun iski taas ahdistus tavaranpaljoudesta (vaikka sitä ei edes ole paljon, mutta kaappien siistimiseen jää koukkuun), joten mietin mistä voisin luopua. Laitan niitä sitten taas huuto.nettiin!

Luettavaksi voin muuten suositella Vogue On Coco Chanel-kirjaa 🙂

I’m back in Paris! I was supposed to walk down to the closest YSL store today to change the color and size of the Arty ring I got for Christmas, but then I realized how much laundry and unpacking I had ahead, so decided to stay home and get that out of the way 🙂 Now it’s looking like a home again! And by the way, if you’re interested in Coco Chanel, you should take a look at a book called Vogue On Coco Chanel 🙂

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I’ve read another book about Coco recently. By Justine Picardie. Highly reccommend!
By the way, I visited Mango today and found a great pair of jeans, it’s quite unusual for me to find perfect fitted jeans so easily:)) So I’m pretty happy about it.


Thanks for the tip Ewa 🙂 I should also look into that book! I’m glad you found perfect jeans 🙂 One of my favourite jeans (a gray pair) is also from Mango and they fit me better than any other pair! And only cost 19€…I like 😉 Wish you a great week!


Yeah.. same price:))) paradise!
Well, I’m not so sure if my week’s going to be nice at all. Lots of studying and first terrible exams but I hope your week is much better:)


Good deal then 🙂 Yeah same for me…I have been so disconnected from my studies the entire holiday and for next week I have several presentations that I haven’t even started…uups! So good luck to us both 🙂

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